Star Wars The Old Republic

Greetings eager readers! This is Phantom with the next edition of the CoF News Network.

We all enjoy playing Jedi Academy. The game gave us an avenue in which we made new friends, and then dueled them to the death with lightsabers, Force, and blasters, but lets face it: Jedi Academy is 12 years old at the time I write this. That’s ancient by game standards. While there is still a bustling multiplayer community, it pales in comparison to its past. We enjoy playing the game and continue to maintain our presence on our server, but with the reasons mentioned before and our growing number of active members, we believe the time is right for expansion.

So what multiplayer game does the CoF clan expand to that fits our Star Wars theme? Enter Star Wars: The Old Republic. That’s right; the CoF clan has expanded into MMORPG territory! More specifically, we have a presence on the Bastion PvP server with a guild available whether you have a Republic Character (Concordance of Fealty) or an Imperial Character (Corruption of Fealty). We are working out the bugs at the moment, but eventually, we will be recruiting individuals within the SWTOR community as well and welcoming them into our family with open arms.

So if you find yourself on SWTOR’s Bastion PvP server, look us up and join us for a raid or an operation. We look forward to seeing you!

This is Phantom…signing off.