CoF Special Edition, The making of CoF as it is today

Hey everyone, TaLoN here with a Special Edition of CoF News……

As the old but true saying goes, “You Don’t Know Where You’re Going till You Know Where You’ve Been” rings so true with CoF. In case some of you didn’t know, CoF was close to becoming just a statistic in the JKA Community.

I joined CoF sometime in 2006. I was new to JKA and the CoF server was the first one I found and enjoyed. Everyone treated me with fairness and respect…nothing changed. The first person I met was Tyr. Over time, I learned all the members, was active in the server, learning, watching other’s techniques, but most of all enjoying the comraderie each CoF member had with each other. That’s what attracted me to this group. Eventually, I applied and became an active member.

The Council consisted of several players most notable were Battousai, SuperNoob, and Tyr. Sometime, again in late 2006, Batt and SuperNoob had decided that JKA was no longer the game for them, CoF was no longer the family for them, and decided to leave CoF, take their toys with them, and let CoF fade away. By that time, I had rose through the ranks (sith side of course) and was included in all Council chats and discussions. Once Batt and SuperNoob had made their decision, there was only a few options 1) Let CoF die, 2) Take over and keep it alive. Tyr and I spent hours upon hours discussing this. How would we do this? What will our members think and how many will leave when Batt and SuperNoob leave? Would we even have members when it’s all said and done?

After many long hours on Teamspeak and the telephone, Tyr decided to take over EVERYTHING…the server, the forums, EVERYTHING. I know he needed help with it and offered to assist. When it was decided the direction for us to go, I was promoted to Council (we didn’t have High Council then), made the announcement, and waited to see what would happen. Well, we kept more members than we lost and after it settled down, we put things in motion.
Tyr and I completely reorganized CoF. Added the High Council position, rankings, the new Rogue Faction, just too much to really list. Tyr, took over the server and forums. I was more respondisle for admins etc. The best thing is, neither one of us made a decision without discussing it with the other.

During a brief time, members came and went. CoF was in a state of flux but still held strong and true. For every member we lost, we gained two. Things started picking up again. That’s when Frogger came in the picture. Tyr and I liked him from the start. He very quickly ranked up and became our third Council Member. Then came Atra, May, and the rest of you. We did have several hiccups either with players, the server, or the forums. However, we ALL worked through it and remained together and strong. As the great Indian Warrior Tecumseh said “A single twig breaks, but a bundle of twigs is strong”.

CoF has flourished over the past several years with many ebbs and flows. Members will come and go, that’s life. JKA, which was once a dying community and maybe still is, is still around after people said it wouldn’t be..but they have said that for as long as I can remember. I believe the new invigoration of Star Wars will put more players in the JKA community. That’s just my opinion. Bottom line, JKA is still here but more importantly CoF is still here. For those of you that may think this is just a gaming clan, think again. We are much more than that. We are friends, we are brothers and sisters…we are FAMILY. We look after each other. We are our brother’s keeper. Although most of us have never met in real life, isn’t it interesting that if we do meet that we’ll know nearly all about that person’s family and job, likes and dislikes?

The history of CoF from it’s inception, near decimation, rebirth, and continued existance is one filled with uncertainty. One thing is for certain, CoF has always been here and will always be here.