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Beyond the Alliance

February 19, 2016

Good day ladies and gentlemen, my name is Atra – your author of this next «CoF» News Edition!

The first topic I would like to draw attention to is a rather unfortunate, but sometimes inevitable one. Our long standing allies from -=AFL=-, the Allied Force Lords, have ceased all server and clan activity and have disbanded. Understandably, many of their members have moved on in their lives, built families, gotten new jobs or simply lost interest in the game. After all, it has been almost 10 years!

Star Wars The Old Republic

December 21, 2015

Greetings eager readers! This is Phantom with the next edition of the CoF News Network.

We all enjoy playing Jedi Academy. The game gave us an avenue in which we made new friends, and then dueled them to the death with lightsabers, Force, and blasters, but lets face it: Jedi Academy is 12 years old at the time I write this. That’s ancient by game standards. While there is still a bustling multiplayer community, it pales in comparison to its past. We enjoy playing the game and continue to maintain our presence on our server, but with the reasons mentioned before and our growing number of active members, we believe the time is right for expansion.

Weapon Master Trial results Edition

November 23, 2015

Hey there JKA community, this is MAY tuning in to give you the next News Edition: Weapon Master Trial results!!! Before I give you the results, he’s a quick over view what needs to be achieved in order to pass the Trial: Phase 1: need an accumulative of 900HP after a total of 9 duels (3 against single, 3 against duals, 3 against staff.) Phase 2: TFFA against the prior 3 saberists, needing a total of 25 kills in 10 minutes.

CoF Special Edition, The making of CoF as it is today

November 8, 2015

Hey everyone, TaLoN here with a Special Edition of CoF News……

As the old but true saying goes, “You Don’t Know Where You’re Going till You Know Where You’ve Been” rings so true with CoF. In case some of you didn’t know, CoF was close to becoming just a statistic in the JKA Community.

An Alliance No More

October 24, 2015

Good afternoon gentle folks & thank you for tuning in to the CoF News network. I’m TYR, your host for this edition. & our topic for this report is an alliance that was dissolved by an ally due to our inactivity. (more…)