Beyond the Alliance

Good day ladies and gentlemen, my name is Atra – your author of this next «CoF» News Edition!

The first topic I would like to draw attention to is a rather unfortunate, but sometimes inevitable one. Our long standing allies from -=AFL=-, the Allied Force Lords, have ceased all server and clan activity and have disbanded. Understandably, many of their members have moved on in their lives, built families, gotten new jobs or simply lost interest in the game. After all, it has been almost 10 years!

During that time, we had the privilege of enjoying ourselves with those fine allies on our servers holding tournaments, merc wars and many other events. Names like Kraken, Zman, Yoset, Rogue, Sixx and Eowyn will forever echo through the halls of our home. They represent fond memories of our time together.

Reading this, ladies and gentlemen, you might think our alliance is at an end with the disbandment of -=AFL=-. You couldn’t be farther from the truth. But let me first elaborate on what an alliance means to us.

We view alliances as a way to expand our family, to include others. This is why we always say we do not take alliances lightly. Once you are our ally, you are considered part of our family. As such, we are unconditionally understanding when it comes to being less or not at all active, due to real life. Continuous activity is not an absolute requirement. We support each other in every matter. To us, an alliance is more of a socio-emotional bond, rather than a simple affiliation and a means to acquire more server traffic or members. We apply the same standards we value within «CoF» to our alliances.

I hope that by now, many of you will understand that terminating this alliance, simply because the clan ceases to exist as a gaming community, is no option for us. We see the names – the extraordinary people behind this clan. Our time as allies has had a tremendous impact on our lives which will never fade away. To refer to the headline of this edition, our bond goes beyond our alliance, beyond the mere confines of a server or a game.

Therefore, we wish those of -=AFL=- who have moved on only the best and a bright future. Know that you will always have friends here at «CoF» and a place to come to. Furthermore and most importantly, we would like to extend our invitation to anyone who still feels the urge to swing a saber once in a while or simply stay in touch with us to use our server and forums. -=AFL=- members are always welcome at our home and we would be honoured to have one or two of them as our distinguished guests.

Ultimately, Star Wars is not merely an amusement or a means to pass the time. It has become the very home we all share and connect through deep within ourselves.