An Alliance No More

Good afternoon gentle folks & thank you for tuning in to the CoF News network. I’m TYR, your host for this edition. & our topic for this report is an alliance that was dissolved by an ally due to our inactivity.

Now before we get into our topic lets give a little background on how CoF views alliances.

We here at CoF do not take alliances lightly. The whole clan debated for months over just implementing alliances with other clans & what we expected of an ally. Now I’m not going to go over our requirements or any of that, those can be viewed by anyone at anytime on our forums. What we really looked for was clans that where established & most of all had a similar view as CoF, “FAMILY.”

To CoF, this is just merely 1 medium upon which we commune together. & just because we go through periods of inactivity on our server, does not mean we’re not communing with each other. For example, we have our own Facebook group & we all constantly communicate on it. & we do not punish our members for inactivity. Once your accepted into our family, you are family & we do not turn our backs on family.

See, this was the whole principle behind CoF. To become something more than a gaming clan & that is exactly what we have done. We transcended beyond JA. JA is & always will be in our hearts, but it does not rule our lives. Most of our family has been a part of CoF longer than most clans have been around. & that is what we’re looking for in members. People that are looking to develop something way more than a gamer relationship.

Many of our members have met others in real life, hung out with them, met their loved ones, & just simply shared life with each other. This is what CoF is truly about. Not just friends but family.

Now with all that said, lets get to our topic.

Years ago CoF entered into an alliance with the JAWA clan. And as with any alliance it went through its ups & downs. But recently, they decided that they wanted to dissolve our alliance due to our inactivity on a game server. Let me stress this, “On A Game Server!!!!” When the truth of the matter could not be further from the actual truth. We where & still are active in each others lives, we just do not need a game server to express that. And if a clan would look beyond trying to be just a gaming clan they would be able to see that.

Now this dissolving our alliance based on our server inactivity, left a lot of CoF very upset over something so trivial. I could go into great detail about JAWA’s history that would give pause to any reputable clan before developing an alliance with them. It did for us. But as some of our members said, leave the past in the past & move towards the future. & that’s what we did. But to only have it dissolved over our real lives not allowing us more free time for a game that brought us all together. However we where still active in everyone’s lives through forums, Facebook, or simply phone calls. Most of CoF are older players that have families we have to support, lives that we want to live and make memories and in turn share those memories with our family. Where 90% of clans are solely based on your life being glued to a computer & showing a community how big it is. But lets really look at that philosophy of gaming for a second. Do they have long lasting members? Do they really know their members? Do they feel connected beyond a game? Argue if you would like, but the simple cold hard truth is NO! I have been in these clans since the release of JA so I know from experience. And if that is what your looking for then that’s fine. But if your looking for something that extends beyond a game, then you may need to re-evaluate your clan & try a different philosphy.

So before we close this, I would like to bring everyone’s attention to a perfect example of how CoF has transcended beyond JA.

Recently we discovered that 1 of our family members had passed away, Chino. Immediately the phone calls, Facebook & forum posts started. We were all touched by his loss & all knew him. I had the pleasure of meeting him several times in real life sharing life with him. We decided we wanted to hold a memorial on the server for him, which we did. We shared stories of how he touched our lives, & the emptiness we would feel without him. & I believe there wasn’t a CoF member with a dry eye, including myself. & after wards we did what he wanted us to do upon his passing, have a party.

This is a family to us & not just a game. & if you can’t see that, then don’t waste our time with an alliance that is based on a game. Cause to us, life is not a game it is family!!!

This is TYR, signing off.