To the official «CoF» Website!

We are one of the largest and oldest Jedi Academy Clans to date. «CoF» has been around since 2003 and keeps going strong even through the oscillating activity of the game itself. We have two servers running the most popular Jedi Academy mod (JA+) and welcome everyone to join in on the fun of the public server or try and earn a place among us to experience the private server which is reserved for members only. While you’re here make sure to check out our allies -=Allied Force Lords=- and -[Knights Reborn]-. Information about their clans & servers can be found on the “Allies” subpage.

As a clan we extend our friendship and bonds outside of Jedi Academy: many of our members have met each other in real life or even got their spouses to join the game. Within our ranks there are many talented people – whether it’s lightsaber combat, graphics design or music – there is a member that can do it.

Looking for a community with which you can bond? Stop in, say hi, introduce yourself or even post in an application, we’ll make sure you receive a warm «CoF» welcome!

«CoF» Concordance of Fealty


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